I would like to share with you real stories and results from my patients.

The patient is 35 years old and presented with inflammation in the body, gastrointestinal problems, fever, allergic skin reaction (redness), and difficulty concentrating.

During the consultation, she underwent a Pulse Diagnosis of the entire body, revealing issues with the gallbladder, significant body intoxication, and acid reflux.

The prescribed treatment for her included:

  1. Tincture for liver and gallbladder treatment.
  2. Infusion to cleanse the lymphatic system and detoxify the body.
  3. Homeopathy for allergy treatment.
  4. Natural drops to eliminate excess mucus from the body.
  5. Milk Thistle.
  6. Flaxseed.

After two weeks of treatment, she feels much better:

More energy.

  • No longer experiencing chronic fatigue.
  • Brain fog is subsiding, leading to better sleep.
  • Reduced agitation.
  • Improved bowel movements.
  • Less irritated skin.
  • Swelling has decreased.
  • She has lost weight (dropped 10 lbs).


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