Oriental Massage

A session of Oriental massage is healing massage technique. It is the quintessence of many Eastern schools: Tibetan, Indian, South Chinese, Shiatsu. It is deep work on several levels. The main work is with the energy points and meridians. All the manipulations are very gentle. It is a holistic system of healing, the goal of which is to restore the body and the vital energy to flow calmly through the energy channels. The massage is performed with oils.

Main reasons to choose Oriental massage/body work

From early youth, I realized that our body is a source of information. We can use our body for good and development only if it is healthy! Any pain causes emotional suffering, so we stop and lose precious time of life.
Studying various schools of massage and Medicine, practicing with my patients, I observed the positive changes my patients had. I was looking for the best solution and as a result I developed my own techniques for deep and gentle recovery of the body. I built individual system.

Experience life with less, even no pain.

Experience mobility and openness that comes from good, effective massage and bodywork. Oriental massage sessions are oriented to what you are trying to improve or recover from.
I use a combination of myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, visceral manipulation, active/passive stretching, and movement to help you achieve your goals. Absolutely the whole body from the head, shoulders, knees to the toes.

Sports Performance Massage

When working with athletes there is only one goal… get you better.
Your sports performance goals.
Sports massage — helps to relieve muscle tension, pain, blockages, congestion. Recover from injury. And most importantly, your performance in sports (football, volleyball, boxing, running or yoga) will be at its best by regularly booking a massage session once a week — you will achieve results faster and easier!
There is only one goal in working with athletes… to get better.
Your sports goals will be achieved and your body will be healthy.

1000 different ways to tell your body — be happy and relaxed, live without pain