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An individually chosen Nutrition Plan from the Pulse Diagnosis is a unique opportunity for everyone! There are no equivalent of such a service in the world of medicine! This is a deep part of Tibetan Medicine based on «Pulse Diagnosis» which includes all 64 Pulse Points and requires many years of study and practice! I have adapted thisexclusive method for residents of many countries including Ukraine, Canada, Germany, France and many more and have been successfully using it with my patients for more than 10 years!

Through Pulse Diagnosis I have helped thousands of people clear diseases and improve their health by 98% without drugs, supplements, or pills. Only by following a Pulse-Matched Nutrition Plan, patients have improved the quality of their lives, regained their health and healed from complex diseases as confirmed by their follow up medical reports!

During the consultation you will receive:

How the method works!

It’s not magic, it’s medicine! Our body needs energy.  We get energy from the elements that make up the food products. Our digestive system is just an intermediary. Every organ has a vibration (frequency), every natural product has a vibration. I offer vibration to the body during the diagnosis and observe the reaction of the body and organs and determine the percentage of absorption of the product.

The essence of Pulse-Matched Nutrition is to enable the body to absorb 90% of what we eat! This meansoptimum nutrition so that the body will get rid of toxins and excess mucus.

Often patients come to me and say that their diet is very healthy, they eat breakfast correctly, eat vegetables, protein, but they do not feel healthy and constantly feel hungry and tired. During Pulse Diagnosis I can see that only 20-30% of the food they eat is digested. This means 70-80% turns into toxins and accumulates in the intestines as mucuswhich slows down the overall metabolism and worsens digestion! The body can not cope with such a load and symptoms and diseases appear.

1) Four lists of products: Essential, Neutral, Allergens (if any) and Excluded from food:

  • When I find foods that are digested by 80-100%, I create meal plan, a personal list of necessary/essentialfoods.
  • Neutral foods are not necessarily harmful or helpful and will be tested for you.
  • Then I identify allergens and intolerancess and exclude them. 
  • Foods with low digestibility (10-40%), are excluded from the diet.  It can be anything, such as cucumber, walnuts or oranges. These products seem very good, but they might be hurting you!  Food that is hard for you body to digest now, may be easier for you to digest as the Plan progresses and can be revisited.

2) A detailed meal plan and menu options for each day:

  • After your body’s absorption rates for foods are determined, I will provide you with a list of high absorption foods to eat at each meal and for snacks.
  • We will discuss your dietary requirements i.e., vegan, kosher, etc. to ensure your menu is tailored to you.
  • I will ask you about your eating history.

3) Personal time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the best time to digest protein, carbohydrates and sweets:

  • The next step is determining your nutritionally optimum time for meals! Everyone has their own individual/unique time to eat, and this can also be diagnosed by the pulse!
  • For example, some people need a late breakfast, and some people need to eat very early i.e., 6-7 am. One of the main mistakes in nutrition is to follow general recommendations! It is important to identify with Pulse Diagnosis and choose your best individual times to eat and the number of meals you require. Some people need to eat only 2 times a day, and some people need 5. Everything is individuallydetermined.
  • Within the meal timing determination mentioned above, it is also very important to determine your specifictimes that proteins and carbohydrates are better absorbed, and when is your optimal time for sweets. 

As a result of this uniquely personal Nutrition Plan analysis, you will receive the 4 lists of products: Essential, Neutral, Allergens (if any) and Excluded from food, your schedule/timing of meals, and snacks including several menu options for each category for 2 months!

IMPORTANT: This is a 2 month meal plan for the first part of your nutritional rebalancing and when your body is processing food more efficiently and getting rid of toxins it will need to be adjusted.  Within 2 months, the body will be saturated with the necessary elements and products required to help you heal, and you will need new food choices so that there is an ongoing, tailored, nutritional balancing of your health needs.  Everything in the world is changing, nature is constantly being updated. We also need an update!

4) Answers to questions and recommendations based on your personal needs.

  • I am honoured to share your wellness journey with you and am available to answer all your questions and make further recommendations based on your evolving personal health needs.
  • I can also provide allergen testing for cosmetics, personal body/hair care. 

If you choose to follow this method, then I recommend changing your meal plan every season. This is at least 4 times a year, and more often if necessary, to maintain your best health. To achieve the highest nutritional balancing for your body food must be varied and match the seasons of the year!

Who is this method beneficial for:

Choose the best for you and your family

I look forward to helping you!