Initial Consultation in Clinic - Pulse Diagnosis

Lalita Amba  is a Registered Tibetan Medicine Practitioner [TTM], Combined acupuncture and herbology.a Practitionerof Ayurveda Medicine and anAncestral Healer. She is a CO-Founderof the»Ukrainian Retreat Training Center» which helps people to heal in many ways.
Consultation «Pulse diagnosison 64 pulse rhythms»

This is the pride of oriental medicine and a unique method! With the correct diagnosis and identification of the causes of the disease, the path to health begins!

Consultation lasts2 hours and the patient receives a complete health card, treatment plan and personally or selected natural medicines.

How can i help you?

Patients come to me for many reasons, including:

If you have tried all the methods of treatment, but it did not help, you need pulse diagnostics and personally selected natural medicines!

One of hermost requested treatment services is pulse diagnostics, and this is a good starting point to better health. This is a unique diagnostic techniquefor the 64 systems in the body. This method is unique and can help reveal the hidden cause of the symptoms of a disease. Using this technique, Iryna can help determine which internal organs need support and which herbal tinctures will help, assimilate and promote better health.

Through thediagnostics, I will:

After the two-hourdiagnostic, the patient receives:

  • a complete health card
  • treatment plan and
  • personally selected natural medicines

You can check all identified problems and recommendations after pulse diagnostics in a medical laboratory. Our clinic can give you the appropriate referral.I often use the confirmation of the medical laboratory and doctors for safe treatment and care for every patient!

Choose the best for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you soon — Lalita