Holistic Healing Session

Healing session - energy rebalancing.

Energy balance and deep relaxation are part of many gifts available to my patients now. They are an exceptional way to heal and find your healthiest self.

Healing session is a traditional secret healing system. Restoration of life forces (prana, energy). Healing gives rejuvenation and restoration of health mentally and physically. It is a gentle work with energy and removing blocks in the body. A short diagnosis is included in the complex and is initial.
If you don’t see clearly the cause of your illness or difficulties in life seem illogical and drag on from the past. You experience chronic pain, stress and do not know how to change it, because you deserve the best — then the Healing session is for you!


The healer helps to attune your body and energies to the right wave. A healing session lasts 1 h and even one session will give a result. A course of 10 healing sessions will help restore health and discover new feelings inside. It is also important to do practices regularly and learn not to lose your energy, control your emotions and thoughts. So many options for healing. So many happy patients who benefit from them.

The healing session provided on a soft table with usage of massage oil, herbal pouches, essential oils and activation of energy points that enhance the work of internal organs. It can also includ techniques of oriental massage, acupuncture and work with the spine and joints. Each session is individual! The course of treatment includes a sequence of various healing sessions this meet needs of particular person.
The healing session clears the mental memory of traumas and blocks in the past, returning the lost energy. It also balances chakras, subtle channels and vital energy. The patient receives healing on a deep level!

Reasons to get Healing session:

If you are undergoing a course of treatment, the Healing session will give better result and the treatment will be more successful and efficient. The internal reserves of the body will cope with the problem more easily. During the course of treatment I recommend to take one Healing session a week until complete healing.