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Sheila Paton05.27.2023
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I began my healing journey when I was in my mid 30’s with 2 young children. It was at that time I had a personal health scare which triggered a chain of events that ultimately resulted in me seeking alternative health care methods. I had previously trusted and relied on the conventional health care system to take care of me, but realized after the health scare that I needed to take responsibility for my own health. My problems back then were mostly digestive issues, hypothyroid symptoms, food allergies and skin conditions. However, as time progressed, those problems grew worse and other issues such as multiple chemical sensitivities developed.

Over the next 30 years I struggled to maintain my health through diet, therapies and treatments using conventional and integrative medicine, with the help of various healthcare practitioners. During that period I experienced a temporary improvement in my health multiple times, but ultimately was unable to heal my body.
When I met Lalita 10 months ago, basically all the systems in my body were not functioning properly. The digestive, nervous, muscular and lymph systems were the most problematic. At that time, I was taking a variety of supplements including digestive enzymes. I had also been taking hormone replacement/supplementation previously but stopped a few months prior to our meeting and as a result my thyroid and adrenals were struggling. Food allergies/sensitivities and other digestive issues caused constant bloating and heartburn and also restricted my diet to tolerated fruits, vegetables and proteins. Exposure to chemicals caused intestinal distress, brain fog, and a detoxification reaction. My nervous system was in a persistent state of high reactivity, causing multiple issues. Severe muscle cramping in my calves and feet were a nightly occurrence. 

How long did it take to resolve issues?

Although I had heard of Ayurveda, I really didn’t know much about it. After going through my first pulse diagnosis of internal systems, I was amazed by the accuracy of what Iryna communicated with me. I knew it to be accurate because 1) there was information regarding some issues that I was already aware of, and 2) the meal plan included foods that I knew I could tolerate and excluded foods that I knew I was sensitive to.

After 6 months of the healing Oriental Massage & BodyWork 2x/week and occasional adjustments to the meal and treatment plans (based on a new pulse diagnosis), my three doshas were in balance. For the first time in many years I noticed my body responding differently. It was finally functioning on its own, without the support of supplements or medication. My body was beginning to heal itself!

What are the changes now after course of treatment with Lalita

In the past, all attempts to cleanse or detoxify my system were unsuccessful and caused much pain due to the sensitivity of my body, whether it
was medication, chelation, homeopathic remedies, supplementation, acupuncture or any other treatment. However, due to the gentleness of Tibetan Medicine, for the first time my body is adjusting to and accepting the various medicines / remedies without any pain. After 10 months of treatments with

·         Feel calm and happy. Less likely to become agitated or stressed

·         Feel a positive energy

·         Feel healthy. Others comment that I look very healthy

·         Increased energy. Need less sleep to feel refreshed. No longer experience extreme fatigue

·         Digestive system is gradually improving. Experience heartburn and/or bloating less often

·         Rarely have muscle cramps/spasms in calves and feet

·         Lymph nodes no longer swollen

·         Experience hypothyroid
symptoms less often

·         Reactions to food allergies/sensitivities and chemicals are not as severe. Slowly reintroducing
foods into my diet and I can be exposed to chemicals / perfumes for longer periods of time before having a reaction

·         Skin is almost clear for the first time in many years

·         Experience nerve pain rarely

·         Seldom experience the Herxheimer detoxification reaction (used to happen daily)

 Recommendations for other patients

I still find it incredible that after 30 years of attempting to heal my body, the Universe has led me to Lalita, a Tibetan Medicine Practitioner!
Although the road to Iryna has been a long one I don’t regret the wait, as I learned so much in the pursuit of wellness. Over the years not only did I learn about systems and functions of the body, I also learned that good health is much more than just physical wellness. I now understand that the mind and spirit also play important roles in healing. When I discovered Iryna and the Tibetan Medicine methods, it felt like everything I learned up to that point fell into place. Like the last piece of a puzzle. It has been a very exciting time for me. 
I would recommend Lalita’s holistic approach using Tibetan Medicine to anyone and everyone that wants to feel like their best self. She is a dedicated, grounded, calm, beautiful person who is truly gifted with the ability to heal others.  I cannot give her enough praise.

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Sarah Garnham05.27.2023
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My healing journey with Iryna started in the Summer of 2022. I came in to see Heli as I was feeling that my body/ spirit was plateauing and I needed to re-connect. Heli introduced me to Iryna and I have been seeing her monthly or weekly ever since. I was feeling tired, emotionally dysregulated, stressed and bloated. I knew I needed some help. I had not heard of Pulse Diagnosis prior to working with Iryna. I now understand that it provides the practitioner with a window into our organs and nervous system and how they are functioning.

Lalita provided me with a menu plan and some natural tinctures to help start me in the right direction with the caveat that she would like to see me get to the point of needing no supplements at all outside the food I eat. In six months, that’s where I am. I am so much more in tuned with how my body processes different foods and stimulus. I have received help with increasing my energy to the point where I am motivated to be active and eat well.
The specific individual attention and support was so clear in everything Iryna recommended made so much sense. The foods she had me avoid were foods I already suspected my body did not process easily. As time went on and she diagnosed my pulse again, there were now foods I could eat that did not work for me before. I understand that my body is constantly changing and no one plan works all the time – as seasons change so does my body.
Iryna has been providing Oriental Body Work to help me reduce stress, increase energy, and improve my positive affect. This is an amazing hour of massage where I leave feeling more relaxed than any other time in my week. During these sessions I feel like a child who is being cared for by her most loving, healing and connected mother.
My advice to others is to try it; go in with an open mind. Be patient with the process and understand that it has taken time for your body to get where it is so it will take time to create the balance that it needs. If you are not sure; ask! My experience with Iryna is that is skilled at explaining things in a way I can understand. I have a vastly improved understanding of how my body/ spirit responds to different foods/ external stressors/ environments and am much better equipped to proactively address what works for me.
I am so grateful for to have Iryna working with me and supporting my whole health.
I hope this inspires you to give her a try; she is truly a gifted human!

Bailey Corneal06.12.2023
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Lalita has literally changed my life! I had been struggling with digestive issues, among other things, for 18 years. Literally half of my life. I had seen every doctor, specialist, you name it. No one was able to help me. I had stomach aches and diarrhea every day, for about 1.5 years. It got so bad to the point where I couldn't eat without feeling sick, and there were a couple times just before seeing Lalita that I was contemplating going to the hospital. It was consuming and dictating everything in my life. It was depressing. Thanks to her, my digestive health has improved about 75%!
John Doe24 мая, 2023
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It was consuming and dictating everything in my life. It was depressing. Thanks to
her, my digestive health has improved about 75%!
 I am eating things I haven’t been able to eat in YEARS, DECADES even. She was able to tell me what was going on with me internally, and this was then confirmed by an ultrasound after the fact. She is incredible at what she does and has a real gift. She is now my first stop before conventional medicine. I tell everyone about her because I love sharing a great thing. She gave me hope again. I feel more empowered because of the help I have received from Lalita and the care she so evidently has for her patients. I can not thank you enough Lalita.


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Jennifer Wilsondate
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Upon returning to The Village Clinic with a new rather annoying and debilitating shift in my health, Heli recommended I see Iryna and I always listen to Heli. I went to Iryna with my new health concern that I assumed was my natural next evolution as a woman and after her unique style of assessment, Iryna said that I was not moving into this next phase - mind blown!! Iryna did what she does naturally and set me on a new regimen and low and behold, the symptoms disappeared. A blood test a couple weeks later revealed that she was right!

Lalita may be new to South Delta’s The Village Clinic and new Canada, yet she’s already had significant positive impact in the health of those who have stopped in to see her. Iryna combines her training in Eastern and Western medicines to get to the root of her patient’s ailments and to find the perfect treatment to actually heal the body.


Scott Armstrong 06.12.2023
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I was very fortunate to have Lalita working with me on my arthritis. She provided therapeutic massage and exercises to help me increase my range of motion, and effective herbal supplements. All combined, these treatments have taken me from having a challenge to walking normally to being able to play some recreational sports again. I can't thank her enough!

I was very fortunate to have Lalita working with me on my arthritis. She provided therapeutic massage and exercises to help me increase my range of motion, and effective herbal supplements. All combined, these treatments have taken me from having a challenge to walking normally to being able to play some recreational sports again. I can’t thank her enough! 

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Mark Alexander18.08.2023
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I am thrilled to share my incredible experience under the care of Lalita. For years, I battled with persistently low energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns, and the constant concern of elevated liver enzymes. It wasn't until I crossed paths with Lalita and embraced her natural approach to wellness that my life took a remarkable turn.

From the very outset, Lalita’s expertise and compassionate guidance struck me. Her holistic approach to health immediately resonated with me, and after just a few consultations, I was already noticing transformative changes. Lalita crafted a personalized natural protocol that seemed tailor-made for my specific needs. Through her comprehensive guidance, my symptoms began to subside, and my liver enzymes started to decline significantly.

It is truly astonishing how my health journey has taken a positive turn under Lalita’s care. With her unique perspective on well-being, she not only addresses the surface-level symptoms but delves deep into the root causes. Her emphasis on natural methods and protocols ensures that the body’s innate healing abilities are harnessed, leading to lasting and profound changes.

The transformation I have undergone is nothing short of remarkable. My energy levels are soaring, my sleep has improved drastically, and the once-lingering concern of elevated liver enzymes is now a thing of the past. Lalita’s guidance and expertise have guided me to the healthiest state I have felt in years.

Lalita’s unique approach to health, and genuine concern for her patients make her a true gem in the realm of naturopathic care. If you are seeking a holistic path to wellness that goes beyond the surface, I highly recommend working with Lalita. She has played an instrumental role in transforming my well-being, and I am grateful for her guidance.

Thank you, Lalita, for helping me regain control of my health!

Kelsi Chartrand20.03.2024
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Discovering Lalita has felt like nothing short of a miracle. She is one of the most gifted healers I have ever come across. Whenever the traditional medical system has failed to diagnose what is happening in my body or of someone I know and love, I go to Lalita and without fail she is able to discover what the root cause is. She is able to communicate and listen directly to the body and what it needs in order to heal.

She has a soft, kind energy that exudes effortless and intuitive wisdom. I am forever grateful for what she has been able to help me and my family with. Anyone who sees her will instantly discover a path to true healing.