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Lalita Amba TTM, NHP

Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Natural Health Practitioner

Lalita is a Registered Tibetan Medicine Practitioner, a Practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine and an Ancestral Healer. She is a Co-founder of the Ukrainian Retreat Training Centre.

Lalita’s love for medicine and healing began in her early youth. As a child she discovered the gift of healing through oriental medicine and since the age of 12 has thoroughly learned and practiced Eastern Medicine in Asia, India, Tibet and Japan.

“The purpose of my life is to help people discover the best health, vitality and joy they have inside. Healing is possible only when you cure the real cause of disease. I continue to dedicate my life to professional development, spiritual healing and helping people. My teachers have given me techniques and tools to not only heal the body, but also how to open the energy of the soul.”

After receiving her doctorate in TTM in 2014, Lalita lived and studied for two years at a Monastery under the guidance of a Mentor. She has mastered the art of Pulse Diagnostics. She can listen to the 64 pulses and all the internal systems of the patient and select methods of individual treatment based on natural herbs, acupuncture, dietary healing and other traditional methods. In 2019 Lalita was invited to treat the famous enlightened Buddhist teacher, His Holiness Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpotche. She spent over a month with Terton, a Guru Tibetan visionary teacher and the Rinpoche royal family at the Swiss retreat centre.

Lalita has more than 15 years of medical practice. Thousands of her patients have had successful experiences leaving them with optimum body and mind wellness. She created her own methods based on the fusion of traditional Eastern and Western medicine. For the last 7 years Lalita taught doctors of oriental medicine and healers. She has given many lectures and tutorials all around Europe and has a master’s degree in Psychology, which helps to deeply understand the needs of a person. Lalita completed 4 years of study at the Bogomolets Medical University in Ukraine with a degree in Pharmacology. She wants to create her own brand of natural medicine that will help people stay healthy. Her spiritual name is Lalita Amba and she has been a follower of the Sri Vidya Spiritual Tradition for almost 20 years. Everything she does is filled with light, care and love for people. Guiding people to discover their optimum health and spirituality brings her profound joy and much needed relief to her clients.

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