About Clinic

I am very pleased to be working in the Village Clinic together with Dr. Heli McPhie! 

The uniqueness of our clinic is the integrated connection of complementary medicine, providing our clients with a holistic approach to their health. 

My experience in Tibetan Medicine (TMM) has helped many patients over the past decade. Through conducting a Pulse Diagnostic, I am able to identify the exact source of client problems, which allows for a faster identification of the best treatment.

Tibetan Medicine is a profound knowledge and is based on the diagnosis of the 64 pulses (rhythms) of the internal organs and major vital systems of the body. Through this diagnostic tool, we can accurately find the problem and choose the best treatment, test herbs and tinctures and other supplements on the pulse of the patient! It’s a fast and effective way to success!

At our clinic, we approach any patient's problem on three levels at once.

The first - Supporting and protecting the body.

Portrait of smiling young woman bathing and taking care of her body at spa resort

There are several stages of work with the body, including the cleansing of mucus and toxins.

We follow this with by working the gastrointestinal tract, and of course the kidneys (the storehouse of energy). Finally, we focus on saturating the body with necessary micro-nutrients.

At Village Clinic we have a huge range of the highest quality natural herbal extracts, which work on a cellular level. We make all tinctures in the clinic according to the client’s need by matching them to their heart rate.

The second - Improving energy level.

It is important to eliminate any blocks to energy flow. For this purpose, in our clinic we have Healing sessions, which help to restore the movement of intervertebral fluid and relieve psycho-emotional tension. To support and increase our client’s energy, we offer natural remedies of herbal and homeopathic medicine.


Woman praying alone at sunrise. Nature background. Spiritual and emotional concept. Sensitivity soul

And the third and most important thing. Healing the soul.

We are not only a body, but also a soul. 

The cause of a disease is often hidden in the emotional imbalance of a client. To eradicate any disease, one must remove the cause of its emergence! This is special homeopathy medicine of the energy level can help.

To support our client’s is a collection of correctly selected medicines, which provide a boost to overload the disease and renew the whole organism.

Homeopathy of different levels gives a signal, an impulse of true healing on a deeper sublevel. It is important to note, only properly selected homeopathy will provide the healing desired 

Important Note: Connection of all three necessary levels of treatment already in the first consultation leads the patient to health. Each solution is personal and unique.

We work as a fully integrated team of doctors and specialists, and consult each other on a regular basis to provide the best treatments for our patients. If you want to restore and preserve your health for years to come, start today with step one by booking your initial consultation.

We are here for you — truly gifted and dedicated practitioners, with the best solutions carefully gathered from around the world.

We have created it with Love for you